There are several herbal remedies that can be used to cure ulcer, however I will be sharing how to use moringa leaf to cure it.

If other remedies did not work for you, you should definitely try this remedy as you don’t know where your cure lies and this has also worked for others as well.

Take this remedy thrice a day after every meal for seven to ten days.

Ingredients and materials:-

-Moringa leaf


-Mortar and pestle

-Clean cup



1. Wash the moringa leaf and grind until its creamy

2. Air dry the cream(crushed moringa) in a well-ventilated area(do not dry in the sun)

3. After air drying it, grind it again into powder form

4. Put one spoon of the powder into a clean cup and add your milk to taste

5. If you’re using powdered milk, add water while stirring until it’s mixed well.

Credit: BelloIsiaka