Deputy Senate Whip, Senator Abdullahi Aliyu Sabi, has said he has no regret introducing the anti – hate speech bill and vowed to follow it through law -making stages.

The senator representing Niger North senatorial district said though people read many controversial meanings to the bill, he was convinced that he introduced the bill in good faith and in the interest of protecting Nigeria’s fledgling democracy.

He denied fronting for certain interest in presenting the bill, neither did he have any ulterior motive contrary to the corporate existence of the country.

Sen. Abdullahi, who briefed Senate correspondents in Abuja on Monday, said some people actually read mischievous meanings to the bill that was read for the first time on the floor of the Senate on November 12.

He said: “Like some people reported even though mischievously, I was indisposed to comment on the Bill because I know how controversial the bill. I was on my sick bed, I could not come to chamber that day. I am not a coward, I am a politician, a full blown Nigeria by whatever standard and a very patriotic Nigerian.

“So I have no reason to shy away from my responsibility neither do I have any reason to abdicate my responsibility.

“Like you all recalled, I actually sponsored that same Bill in the 8th Senate and unknown to many people I did not pursue the Bill at that time because at the time I was going to consider it for debate on the second reading the political atmosphere was already getting charged and I recalled to my own thinking and very rightly said that the atmosphere was not right to discuss the subject matter and at the end of the day it would not achieve anything. Of course I did not pursue it.

“Between that period and today I have listened very carefully and I have also read copiously comments, analysis and things that people have been saying arising from the introduction of this particular Bill which was read for the first time and I appreciate that we are in a democracy and so all the commentaries simply shows the beauty of democracy and that you can say all that you want to say.
“Beyond that I would also say that the comments and statements being made of course can be categorised, the good, the bad, and the very ugly. While this is unfortunate, I don’t have any problem with that because we are in democracy and people have the right to say what they want to say.
“In introducing this bill I did that artistically. I had no