Nigerians, how are you enjoying your change?.

OK... let's appraise

#Just Within 30 Days!

1. VAT increased from 5% to 7.5%.

2. Withdrawal Tax of 3% for individual and 5% for corporate bodies.

3. Deposit Tax of 2% for individual and 3% for corporate bodies.

4. N50 Stamp Duty on PoS transactions above N1,000.

5. Toll Gates to be introduced to collect Tax from motorists across the country.

6. Fresh 9% Tax on GSM, Cable TV subscribers. That is; if you buy say MTN airtime of N1,000, you will pay N90 as Tax or if you do DSTV subscription of N4,000, you will pay N360 as Tax.

As usual, the Cyber goons among us will still do anything to defend hardship policies meted on the citizenry all in the name of I'll sink with my Party whether good or bad.

But las las, they will get sense.

Yinka Wumi