We appear headed back to the Stone Age with the recent policies of the current Administration. Unfortunately, the vociferous among us cannot talk, because we are also part of an Administration that appears only interested in what a minority want, not the great majority of Nigerians, who are already pauperised.

Picking Buhari as presidential candidate of APC by our leaders in 2015 was the biggest mistake ever. That decision was a mistake worse than the one late Chief Obafemi Awolowo made in 1967 by aligning with Feudal Lords in the name of One Nigeria. Awo's myopic alignment at the time cost some quality Yorubas their lives, especially Col. Victor Adebukunola Banjo.

Our leaders, who are world class in Administration, belong in the kindergarten category politically in terms of relationship with the Oligarchy bent on ruling Nigeria since 1960. And, the Yorubas are not alone.

Late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe preferred to be Number 2 under the Oligarchy instead of the sure Number 1 Action Group leaders had promised him. Like Yoruba leaders, he naively believed he could control the levers of power with his exposure and education.

Ifa Olokun Asoro'dayo warned about Buhari just before this year's elections. Ifa revealed the man would win, but that hardship will be the lot of Nigerians after his victory. Ordinarily, our leaders ought to have done the needful, because there is always a way out with the visions of Edu Ara Oke Itase. But no, foreign religions have turned their brains upside down.

As a a Facebook friend would always write, "E maa ba yi!"