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How to place Ads on

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Placing ads on is very simple.
#1. Choose Ads type to know the banner type and size.
#2. Design your banner to the stated size.
#3. Fill the Ads placing form
#4. Make payment online
#5. Your ads will be verified instantly and will start running.
#6. Payment is non-refundable
#7. Make sure your Ads meets our Dos & Dons

Dos & Dons of Ads placing
  • No Porn Ads
  • Gif images are allowed
  • No MLM/MMM kind of Ads
  • No Scam relating Ads

Ads Pricing - #1 Nigerian Online Forum

Our Ads pricing is unbeatable. Place Ads now and watch how promotes your business.

Ads type Banner Size Price
Homepage Top/Middle 1024x300 px ₦1,200.00
Other Pages Top/Middle 1024x300 px ₦1,000.00
Right Sidebar Homepage 500x200 px ₦700.00
Right Sidebar Other Pages 500x200 px ₦500.00